Past Visitor's Reviews

M+D, April 2019:

"Beautiful mornings and evenings. Bird watching always great here but really enjoyed the roadrunners (coming to the house) everyday. Kitchen was great…. and so helpful. We were glad the home could be shared so comfortably. Thank you for sharing your part of heaven with others."

B+S, October 2018:

"What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing it with us. S and I enjoyed ourselves very much- what a love nest! J Can’t wait to come back, which will be soon."

Mrs. BH, June 2018:

"We came to Portal to look at the stars. We found so much more. Your house is beautiful. I appreciate how much you have available to us. I felt at home in your kitchen….We made some great meals. Your house really made us feel at home here in Eastern Arizona. We found Bisbee and ate some of the best food we have had at Santiago. We found Tombstone and our boys had a wonderful ‘Wild West’ adventure. We hiked in Cave Creek Canyon and loved it….rock hunting, sight seeing, and playing along Turkey Creek. Amazing adventure, so close.

And now the sky…Beyond words. My husband brought his scope and set it up. He imaged B142 + B143 and Rho Ophiuchus. We viewed Jupiter, Saturn!!! Lagoon nebula, M27 + M57. We saw the Milky Way!!!...."

Mr. BH, June 2018:

"We had a wonderful time. My wife and sons all agreed that it was a fantastic vacation. Your home is a truly magical escape from the daily routine. We had very dark skies for the first two nights, and I was able to do some astro-imaging, while my wife and boys marveled at the Milky Way and other gems that our galaxy offers. I brought a sky quality meter and was getting readings in the 21.84 and 21.63 range. The darkest skies we’ve ever seen. The last two nights were cloudy, but we found other ways to have fun, including exploring Cave Creek Canyon, Bisbee and Tombstone."

H & J, October 2017:

"We stayed in your lovely home, and it was a glorious week. We so appreciate your opening your home to use for the fantastic vacation we had. We climbed the Chiricahua mountains, went rock-hounding, did a mine trip in Bisbee, spent a day in Tombstone and so much more. We spent every night looking at the night sky through your telescope, and words cannot express the beauty. We did not want to leave…but we know that we will be coming back again. "

B & M, November 2017:

"We loved every minute of our too short stay here and have spent our last morning planning a return visit. Love your house and appreciate your hospitality."

KB (email, 10-16):

"… A long drive but well worth it. We had a great time in your lovely home, visited the... canyon and research station. I got some terrific astro images. Thanks again and we'll be back again for sure."

JP (email, 10-13-15):

"What a great house and location. I have been doing astrophotography for a while now, and have never seen the Milky Way so clear."

WB, April 2013:

I want you to know how much we enjoyed our stay at your home near Portal,AZ in the past two weeks.

I am so pleased that we chose to stay two full weeks in your home in the Sky Village. It is difficult to imagine a better view of the nearby mountain range than that available constantly from your porch on the south side of the home. The changing lighting, contrast and coloring of those mountains was always a particular pleasure for us at any time of the day. The home is extremely comfortable roomy and quiet. It was a perfect place to slow down and enjoy a peaceful existence. The large master bedroom and ample sized second bedroom fit our needs perfectly. The kitchen is so adequately stocked with appliances and storage space that we did spend much of our indoor hours there dining and taking coffee breaks or listening for news on the radio while enjoying mountain views. The filtered water unit produced excellent tasting water for us to enjoy. There simply is no need to bring bottled water to that site in my opinion. Thank you for that.

I made use of the ample pad for telescopes set a comfortable distance from the house, and did appreciate the way it was connected to the house by the curving walkway. We did enjoy the fine full dark sky views presented there. The wireless connection was adequate and never failed.

The ownership swift responses to our questions and needs was terrific and very much appreciated. Overall I rate the unit very highly as a place to go to enjoy the dark sky, wonderful changing views, and the home type comfort at the same time. Best wishes that you may continue to share this with other users.

GP, May 2013:

Your place was excellent & comfortable, thank you.

Skies & birds spectacular.

Hope we can make a return trip next year.

JS, May 2013:

I had a great time and learned a heck of a lot about astro-equipment logistics.

The night sky was just gorgeous, nothing like I have seen anywhere.

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